Bringing back DUIM/Gtk


Lately, we’ve been working on bringing back DUIM’s GTK+ back-end.

DUIM is Dylan’s user interface framework. While it was originally cross-platform, the only back-end that works now is for Windows. Bringing back the GTK+ back-end and completing it will enable us to support Linux, FreeBSD and perhaps Mac OS X.

This is a great first step towards making the IDE more widely available. Apart from being able to use the IDE on additional platforms, which is great in and of itself, having the IDE available to more of us makes it easier to fix bugs and improve the functionality as most of us aren’t working on the Windows platform.

So far, we have a new set of GTK+ bindings for GTK+ 3.x available in sources/gtk and have begun the work to update the old DUIM GTK+ back-end and make further improvements.

At this point, we would welcome some assistance. There are further improvements to make to the GTK+ bindings and a lot of work to do on DUIM/Gtk. (We have started building a list of bugs.) We’ve also started to collect some notes for the Hacker Guide, especially for working on Mac OS X.

If you’re interested in learning more or helping out, get in touch with us on chat or the mailing list!