Open Dylan 2024.1

This document describes the 2024.1 release of Open Dylan, released 8 February, 2024. The highlights of the release are listed below. For complete details see the commit logs for this release.


Some commit logs, for example for testworks and other libraries that are included in Open Dylan as git submodules, may be in other repositories.


  • The dylan-compiler-with-tools executable has been removed and its functionality has been merged into dylan-compiler.

  • The warning for x ^ y where y is a negative integer has been improved.

  • Warnings for mismatched end words have been improved.

  • Multi-line string literals may now be formatted in such a way that they adhere to the Rectangle Rule, as laid out in

Library Updates


  • The dylan command-line tool has been updated to v0.11.0 to incorporate minor changes.

  • Testworks * An expect-true macro has been added for symmetry with expect-false. * A bug in --debug crashes has been fixed.

  • Several other submodules have had their own submodules removed and are now assumed to be developed using packages via the dylan tool.


  • Fernando Raya

  • Peter S. Housel

  • Carl Gay