Connect with the Dylan Community

The Dylan community is quite small and most of our day-to-day activity takes place in the Matrix channels. If you don’t have a Matrix account you can sign in with GitHub, GitLab, Google, etc. and use any Matrix client.

To ask questions about code you can use to share an example, or create a gist on GitHub and paste a link to it.

How to Contribute

The Hacker Guide has details on how to contribute to the project.

Report Bugs

Bugs may be reported against the opendylan repository on GitHub. If you know the bug is in a specific library repository you can report it there instead. If unsure, use opendylan.

Mailing List, also browsable on the web, is dedicated to discussion of Dylan. If you have a question that’s more detailed or doesn’t required the quick back-and-forth of chat, this is the preferred place for it.

comp.lang.dylan also exists, but dylan-lang@ is the preferred forum.

Dylan on Other Sites
Pick a Project to Work On

If you’re looking for ideas, maybe you’ll find something in the old Google Summer of Code suggestions or on the opendylan GitHub wiki.