Here are some resources for keeping up with what’s going on in the Dylan hacker community…

How to Contribute

The Hacker Guide has details on how to contribute to the project.

Report Bugs

Bugs may be reported against the opendylan repository on GitHub. If you know the bug is in a specific library repository you can report it there instead. If unsure, use opendylan.

The dylan-lang Community on Gitter

The dylan-lang community is where most of the day-to-day Dylan activity takes place. You may sign in with a GitHub, GitLab, or Twitter account. Or use a Matrix client, connected to the same Gitter channel. For example,

The #dylan IRC Channel

There is usually someone available in the #dylan channel on to answer questions. The channel is logged at so you can always ask a question and then check the logs for answers later.

Freenode also offers web-based chat if you don’t have an IRC client or just want easy and quick access.

To discuss coding issues you can create a gist on GitHub and paste a link to it in the #dylan channel.

Mailing List, also browsable on the web, is dedicated to discussion of Dylan. If you have a question that’s more detailed or doesn’t required the quick back-and-forth of IRC, this is the preferred place for it.

comp.lang.dylan also exists, but dylan-lang@ is the preferred forum.