Here are some resources for keeping up with what’s going on in the Dylan hacker community...

How to Contribute

We have a list of open projects that are looking for contributors and help. These projects range in difficulty and some don’t even require knowledge of Dylan.

We also have some guidelines and recommendations for people who are interested in contributing to Open Dylan.


All of our repositories are available on GitHub. Some repositories have been archived as they are historical in nature.

The #dylan IRC channel

The #dylan channel on is where most of the day-to-day Dylan activity takes place. Since Dylan hackers are spread around the world (New Zealand, Germany, East and West coast USA, South America, ...) there’s usually someone online at all times of day. The channel is logged at so you can always ask a question and then check the logs for answers later.

Freenode also offers web-based chat if you don’t have an IRC client or just want easy and quick access.

To discuss coding issues you can paste your code to the #dylan channel via or any other pastebin site. See previous pastes here:

Newsgroup comp.lang.dylan

This is the newsgroup dedicated to the discussion of Dylan. If you have a question about the Dylan language or about something that will be of interest to the Dylan community at large this is the preferred place for it. It is one of the few ways that the world at large can see that there is activity in the Dylan community and thus aids us in our quest for World Domination. Announcements should be directed here, as well as to the announce@ list below.

comp.lang.dylan can be browsed and subscribed to using Google Groups if you do not have access to a news server.

Mailing Lists

There are several mailing lists. Which ones you join depends on your level of interest and involvement: (Archives)
The public development list. This is a good place to start if you have a question or would like to contribute. Lurkers are also welcome! Very low traffic. (Archives)
Find out about new releases! This is an extremely low-traffic list reserved for announcements. If you subscribe to hackers@, you are on this list. (Archives)
This list contains nothing but Git commit messages. It’s for developers who want to know everything that’s going on.