A Few More Quick Tips

  1. Add -clean to the command line to do a clean build:

    dylan-compiler -build -clean /my/project.lid

    However, note that there are bugs related to the -clean flag so deleting the _build directory may be preferable.

  2. Use dylan-compiler -help to see all the options. Options that don’t take an argument may be negated by adding “no”. e.g. -nologo

  3. The -build option builds an executable unless you add this line to your .lid file:

    target-type: dll
  4. If you miss having rich command line history and similar features, use rlwrap with dylan-compiler.

You should now have enough information to start working on your Dylan project. The next few sections go into more detail on using dylan-compiler, which also has an interactive mode that can make the edit/build/debug cycle a bit faster. Or if you’re an Emacs user you may prefer to jump directly to the section on the Dylan Interactor Mode for Emacs (DIME).