Open Dylan 2013.1 released

Dear Dylan Hacker,

It is a pleasure for us to announce a new release of Open Dylan.

We have extensive release notes, but this release has been about iterative improvement rather than major changes.

  • A deadlock when using threads on x86-linux has been addressed.

  • A crash when using threads on x86-linux has also been addressed.

  • A crash from memory corruption on Mac OS X has been fixed.

  • Some errors in how the Windows Registry was used have been corrected.

  • There have been significant improvements to the documentation.

  • A licensing issue with an unacknowledged copyright has been corrected.

Please report problems that you have in our issue tracker.

You can get it from our website, On Windows there is an installer, on UNIX systems unpack into /opt. On 64 bit Linux, you will need to have the Boehm GC installed for our executables to run. (Ubuntu: apt-get install libgc)

Also, remember that this weekend, July 13-14 is our hack-a-thon and we hope that you’ll consider participating. You may also sign up for the hack-a-thon at our Google Plus event page.

Good luck and happy Dylan hacking!