Dylan Programming Guide#

The Dylan Programming Guide has been updated to use our new documentation format. As a result it is now available in PDF and ePub formats as well as much improved HTML.

The Dylan Programming Guide is a great introduction to programming in Dylan and was written by Neil Feinberg, Sonya E. Keene, Robert O. Matthews, and P. Tucker Withington while they were employed by Harlequin in the 1990s. The book covers everything from the basics up through advanced concepts such as Dylan macros and the condition system.

This was exported from the 1996-era Framemaker files and largely reformatted by hand. During this work, we also rewrote the lexer used in Pygments for processing and syntax highlighting Dylan source code. This new lexer will be available in the upcoming Pygments 1.6.

In the future, we will add some errata to the book to address some of the changes that have happened since the book was originally published.

We hope that this will be helpful in introducing a new generation of programmers to the Dylan programming language.