Improving Editor Support

We have recently fixed some bugs in the syntax highlighting support for Textmate and Sublime Text as well as for vim.

Sublime Text and Textmate


Syntax highligting in Sublime Text

Textmate and Sublime Text used the same plugin which can be found on GitHub at

  • Using Open Dylan specific modifiers (dynamic, sideways, etc) won’t break the highlighting.

  • locked and thread variable definitions are highlighted correctly now.

  • Keyword / header highlighting at the start of a file is improved.

Also, we’ve submitted a request for this plugin to be made available via Package Control for Sublime Text and hope that this is ready in the near future.



Syntax highlighting in vim

We extended the Dylan support of vim:

  • Improved comment handling such that all comments should be highlighted correctly now.

  • Improved operator highlighting.

  • Enabled spell checking for strings, comments and headers. To see this, you can toggle :set spell in vim.

  • Enabled highlighting for the built-in functions as defined in the DRM.

The files for vim can be found in

Patches and further improvements are welcome!