Source Code of Program Examples#

On the Web we provide updated source code of the program examples in Dylan Programming.

To uncompress the .zip archives, you need the info-zip version of unzip, which is available on the Internet at no cost. For details, see info-zip. Note that using pkunzip will not work, because it does not handle long filenames.

To expand the .tar file, you need a standard UNIX tar tool. To uncompress the .tar.Z file, you need to use UNIX uncompress and then tar.

Once you have downloaded and uncompressed one of the archives, consult the README file for more information.

To run the program examples from the book, you need a fully compliant Dylan implementation that provides a format-out and format library, and a transcendental library. Note that the examples on this web page include some minor corrections to the examples shown in the book itself. The program examples are available in tar format (131,000 bytes), compressed tar format (39,000 bytes), and zip format (27,000 bytes).

Mindy users: We provide the program examples in a version customized for Mindy. Remember, Mindy Is Not Dylan Yet. The program examples for Mindy are available in tar format (238,000 bytes), compressed tar format (40,000 bytes), and zip format (51,000 bytes). You can obtain Mindy on the Internet at no cost. See the Carnegie Mellon University site.

If you prefer, you can download the files individually:


  • airport-classes.dylan

  • airport-library.dylan

  • airport-test-library.dylan

  • airport-test.dylan

  • airport-test.lid

  • airport.lid

  • angle-library.dylan

  • angle.dylan

  • angle.lid

  • definitions-library.dylan

  • definitions.dylan

  • definitions.lid

  • position.dylan

  • say-library.dylan

  • say.dylan

  • say.lid

  • schedule.dylan

  • sixty-unit-library.dylan

  • sixty-unit.dylan

  • sixty-unit.lid

  • sorted-sequence-library.dylan

  • sorted-sequence.dylan

  • sorted-sequence.lid

  • time-library.dylan

  • time.dylan

  • time.lid

  • vehicle-dynamics.dylan