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1 The SQL-ODBC Library

1.1 Introduction

Functional Developer's SQL-ODBC library provides a generic Dylan protocol for interfacing applications to any database management system (DBMS) supporting Microsoft's Open Database ConnectivityTM (ODBC) interface and the industry-standard database query language, SQL. The SQL-OBDC library supports the full SQL language defined in the ANSI SQL-89 and ANSI SQL-92 specifications, as well as any extensions defined by a DBMS.

A low-level interface to the Microsoft ODBC API is also available in the ODBC-FFI library. Functional Objects built the ODBC-FFI library using the C-FFI library and the same C-to-Dylan name mapping scheme as described in the Win32 API FFI library documentation. See the C FFI and Win32 library reference for details of that scheme. The ODBC-FFI library is otherwise undocumented.

1.1.1 - Implementation
1.1.2 - Using the SQL-ODBC library in applications
1.1.3 - SQL Standards
1.1.4 - Object-oriented languages and relational databases
1.1.5 - Result-retrieval protocol
1.1.6 - Processing results
1.1.7 - Bridging the object-relational gap
1.1.8 - Error handling
1.1.9 - Examples used in this document

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