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2 Functional Developer's COM, OLE, and ActiveX Libraries

2.2 Overview of OLE/COM and the Functional Developer API

The aim of this section is to help readers who have never read about COM, OLE, and ActiveX before to understand them well enough to be able to use some of the higher-level support for these technologies that Functional Developer provides. Accompanying notes explain Functional Developer's approach to implementing these traditionally C-based technologies.

This is a large and complicated subject area and it is beyond the scope of this manual to describe it completely. You are likely to need more conceptual and technical information about these technologies. The Microsoft C API documentation for COM, OLE, and ActiveX will help; for a more detailed conceptual overview, we also recommend the book Understanding ActiveX and OLE by David Chappell (Microsoft Press, 1996; ISBN 1-57231-216-5).

2.2.1 - COM interfaces and methods
2.2.2 - COM objects and classes
2.2.3 - Representing interfaces
2.2.4 - Dispatch interfaces
2.2.5 - GUIDs: Globally unique identifiers
2.2.6 - Type information and type libraries

OLE, COM, ActiveX and DBMS Reference - 31 MAR 2000

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