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2 Fixing Bugs

2.1 Rebuilding the application

There is another prepared Dylan source file with the changes we need to implement the game-saving facility.

1. In the Reversi project window, go to the Sources page and select piece-shapes.dylan.
2. Choose Project > Insert File.
The Insert File into Project dialog appears.
3. In the dialog, select saving.dylan and click Open.
Functional Developer puts saving.dylan below piece-shapes.dylan in the list of project sources.

Now we can rebuild the executable Reversi application.

4. Choose Project > Build in the Reversi project window.
Functional Developer builds the application again.
If you are still running Reversi when you choose Project > Build, you will be asked to confirm that you want to stop running it and go ahead with the build.

Towards the end of the build, the link warning dialog appears again, asking whether we want to link the application executable despite there being serious warnings. Again, we do want to link the application.

5. Click Yes in the link warning dialog.

Notice the message in the status bar at the bottom of the Reversi project window after rebuilding Reversi:

Build completed. 5 serious warnings, 1 warning.

In the next section, we look at what serious warnings and warnings are, and how the environment helps us deal with them.

Getting Started with Functional Developer - 31 MAR 2000

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